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Ukraine, Poland

“Unspoken” is a thriller series based on current events in Ukraine.

The story takes place over the course of six days during a heart rending journey of one man to save his family. EUGENYI, 42, travels from Poland to Ukraine where he tries to reconnect with his wife and three daughters who are in grave danger from the Russian invasion.

Inspired by a true story and “The Guilty” (with its American Remake), and “Come and see”, the 6 x 25 minutes series follows Eugenyi as he travels to the heart of darkness in Ukraine whilst being all the time connected over the phone to his wife and children who have to go through horrific tribulations to stay alive.

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Tagline - There are no limits when it comes to saving your family.

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2000000 €
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Co-producers, Distributors, Foreign broadcasters, Public funds (national, regional, international), Private funds/banks
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Natalia Libet
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