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The Vultures


At the height of winter in an isolated mountain cabin, seven elite yet dysfunctional lawyers discover that this time their team-building is not a reward, but a punishment for their misbehaviour.
Someone stole 650.000€ from the owner of their law firm. If they want to return back to the city, they have to play a teambuilding game and find the culprit. For the game’s sake everyone’s mobile phones are confiscated. There is no internet access either.
A whirlwind of calamitous events ensues: the cabin caretaker gets fatally wounded, a snowstorm cuts the road off, and their phones are nowhere to be found. After the snowstorm passes, the self-absorbed lawyers realise they have become dependent on the only other human being around - a mysterious Foreigner. Slowly the power and status hierarchy starts to shift and break down. But who is the thief? We’re in for a shocking and poignant surprise.

Original title
850000 €
150000 €
Vida Breže
Zoran Benčič, Simon Hernaus, Vida Breže
Zoran Dževerdanović
Blade Production
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Zoran Dževerdanović
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Zoran Dževerdanović

Zoran Dževerdanovič is a producer and founder of Blade production from Ljubljana, focusing on the genre, debut, and socially engaged films.

Production company
Blade Production

Blade films have been awarded internationally at many prestigious festivals such as Berlinale, Oberhausen, Sarajevo, Chicago, Aspen, and many others. The Short film Into the blue (2017) was an Oscar nominee in the category of a Live-Action short film. It was a Student Academy Awards Finalist.