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The Beauty From Comet

English, Japanese, Chinese
science fiction, Crime, Thriller

The story takes place 26 years after the outbreak of the nuclear war in 1986. In 2012, an immersive play opened up at the comet theatre. At the end of the play, actress Fang Fei disappeared from the theatre stage. This case became an unsolved mystery case with day after day futile investigation. A year later, Fang Fei's mother, Yang Fuzhi, found the city's most outstanding private detective - "Y" to investigate the whereabouts of her daughter.

Directors note

LIAO Zihao graduated from The Ohio State University with a Film Director major. His short films Goodbye, Love, Undercurrent and Ringtones were nominated by several international film festivals. His debut feature, Who is sleeping in silver grey, is selected into the 2021 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival - First Feature Competition.

Production company and producer:
Beijing Yuhe Yinghua Culture media Co, LTD
An industrial chain film and television media company based in Beijing. It involves film and television investment, development, production, and distribution.

Zhu Yirong, producer.
Scriptwriter and producer, her work includes Mask, One Sweet Day and Who is Sleeping in Silver Grey.

Ruoyao Jane Yao, co-producer.
International Sales, programmer, and producer. Her production work includes White Joy, Birde Token, May 1st, 2021, and China 354.

Original title
Hui Xing Mei Ren (彗星美人)
1381499 €
470520 €
Looking for
East and North Europe co-producers, Public Funds, Private Funds, Technical in-kind Participation, Film Crew
Liao Zihao
Liao Zihao
ZHU Yirong, SUN Bowen, Ruoyao Jane Yao
Beijing Yuhe Yinghua Culture media Co, LTD
Contact name
Liao Zihao
Contact email
Liao Zihao
Director, Screenwriter
Liao Zihao

Liao Zihao graduated from the film school of Ohio State University. He directed 3 short films which were screened festivals around the world - "Goodbye, Love" (2013) at Athens and Los Angeles, "Undercurrent" (2013) at Sino FF and "Ringtones" (2016) at Rome and Los Angeles. "Who Is Sleeping in Silver Grey" is his first full-length fiction feature film.

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