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Ona and Saule, two best friends, who work in a local canteen “Tasty”, enter a national competition which will challenge not only their cooking skills but their friendship as well.

Directors note

In the culinary comedy “Tasty”, the most important theme is how value is created. That is, can raw simplicity, without packaging, be noticed in today’s world? Is value created only through image?

The story takes place in a TV culinary contest full of exaggerated characters, who are all pretending to be who they are not. The two main female characters keep confronting each other during the competition, they have to find their value and to stop overestimating or underestimating themselves. Therefore, during the making of the film, my central focus will be an authentic, character-driven relationship between two characters.

The story takes place in the TV culinary contest. I would aim to break some of its spells, to show how its value is created. I would like to draw a clear contrast between the television world and reality.

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700000 €
230000 €
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Co-producers, Sales Agent, Distributors, Foreign broadcasters, Public funds (national, regional, international), Private funds/banks, Technical in-kind participation
Egle Vertelyte
Egle Vertelyte
Irena Kuneviciute
Lukas Trimonis
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Lukas Trimonis
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Screenwriter, Director
Egle Vertelyte

Egle Vertelyte graduated from European Film College in Denmark and has an MA in screenwriting from National Film and Television school. She directed her first middle length documentary "UB lama" in 2011 for which she received 6 international awards and was screened in more than 20 international film festivals as well as being sold to TV and cable worldwide. In 2017, she wrote and directed her first feature film "Miracle", which also became an international success. The film premiered at Toronto IFF, was screened at more than 50 festivals worldwide, sold to 24 territories, and won Lithuanian film awards for best film, best director, best writer, and best actress. Currently, Egle lives in Vilnius and works together with Lukas Trimonis in the production company they founded together - INSCRIPT.

Lukas Trimonis

Lukas Trimonis is a graduate from BFM in Estonia and NFTS in the UK. He is an award-winning producer and managing director of film and TV production company INSCRIPT in Lithuania. His debut as a lead producer on the feature film “MIRACLE” (dir. Egle Vertelyte), a co-production with Bulgaria and Poland, premiered during TIFF in 2017 and screened in over 55 IFF and sold to over 22 territories including China, France and USA. His most recent work as a minority co-producer on feature film “OLEG” (dir. Juris Kursietis), a co-production with Latvia, Belgium and France premiered during 51st “Directors’ Fortnight” in Cannes 2019. In 2018, he was selected by European film promotion as one of the producers on the move and in 2019 he was accepted to ACE producers.

Production Company

INSCRIPT was launched in 2013 by producer Lukas Trimonis and writer-director Egle Vertelyte, both graduates of the National Film and Television School in the UK. Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, INSCRIPT is an award-winning film and TV production company. We create and produce our IP, engage in international co-productions and offer professional production services. The work of the company is successful on an international level as proven with the previous work.

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