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Snot and Splash

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13-year-old Jonja does not feel at home anymore, especially since her mother has a new boyfriend. When a well-intentioned birthday suprise goes wrong Jonja has had enough. She decides to go on vacation with her best friend Paul and his well-off familiy - without telling her mother. The summer days by the lake are fun-filled and exciting. Jonja falls in love for the first time and her friendship with Paul intensifies. But Paul and his family do not know that Jonja is a runaway. When her lie is exposed, she and Paul separate in tears and recriminations. It is up to Jonja to fix the bond with her mother and save her friendship with Paul.

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Director's note: You can’t make films for younger people whilst looking down at them. Children are not stupid. They will realise if you try to lecture them from up above. It just won’t work. You have to be on the same level as them and trust they will understand more than you would think. Throughout the film, there is a lot of humour and wonder. It has funny dialogue, funny characters, visual jokes, and screwball action. The jokes are going to please both the children and the grown-ups – at least either-or :) It is crucial for us that adults enjoy the experience too.

Original title
Räkä ja Roiskis
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Teemu Nikki
Ilja Rautsi
Jani Pösö, Ari Matikainen
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Teemu Nikki
Teemu Nikki

Teemu Nikki (b. 1975)

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