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Estonian small-town girl Manna's world is rocked when her boyfriend breaks up with
her on the same day as her long-divorced parents announce their re-engagement. It
also happens to be her 18th birthday…


In the small Estonian island of Saaremaa, Manna, a blue-eyed yet strong-willed 18-year-old with a nervous disposition, gets broken up with by her childhood sweetheart Georg, 19, a slimy professional ice-skater, on the morning of her birthday. Just after this occurs, her mother Jane and father Leo let her know that they’ve chosen to get re-married after seven years of being divorced. Unable to process both of those things happening at once, Manna bolts to Tallinn in her scrap of a car, finding her way to the hipster neighborhood of Kalamaja, as well as her cousin Olli, 21, who made her way into the big city a year before due to her mother's conservative views on her homosexuality. The two wreak havoc on "big city" nightlife, including breaking into an ice rink to get revenge on Georg, dating apps and dodgy parties. Manna meets Uku, a not-so-nice guy and also Arno, an-actually-nice-guy, but neither one gives her what she really needs - the courage to be able to face her "big feelings”.

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Vivian Säde is a screenwriter and director from Tallinn, Estonia. Säde graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Media from Tallinn University's Baltic Film and Media School as a writer-director in 2020 and from Edinburgh Napier University (Screen Academy Scotland) with a Master's degree in Screenwriting in 2021. “It's About a Wedding”, a comedy-drama short film written and directed by Säde, premiered in the National Competition programme of Black Nights Film Festival’s PÖFF Shorts 2020 film festival to critical acclaim. Säde is also the owner of production company Moondustfilms (est. 2018), with which she co-produced and directed a music video titled 'Never Forget Who You Are' from Singing Revolution, a musical from the USA which premiered in Los Angeles in 2022. Säde is also a member of the Estonian Filmmakers Association.

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Vivian Säde
Vivian Säde
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Vivian Säde, moondustfilms OÜ
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