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Sam Wylde: Bodyguard

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Bodyguard Samantha ”Sam” Wylde is on the on the brink of quitting her profession, when she takes another job protecting the child of a Kazakh billionaire. This job makes her a target for MI5, the FSB and the Kazakh himself. Sam has to learn the new rules of international espionage to keep her and her family safe from harm.


"London-based bodyguard Samantha ”Sam” Wylde is tired of babysitting the spoiled children of the obscenely rich. On the brink of quitting her profession, she takes a job protecting the daughter of a Kazakh billionaire, Serikov. The British counter-intelligence service MI5 then contacts Sam and recruits her to spy on Serikov: the British suspect him of financing terrorists.

Meanwhile, Russia’s main security service, the FSB, wants Serikov killed. Its assassination plot is already underway, right under Sam’s nose. Once she discovers the plot, the Russians threaten to hurt Sam’s teenage daughter unless Sam helps them carry out the hit.

Sam has to navigate the dangerous crossfire between the Russians, MI5, and the terrorists, at the same time as all of them try to pressure her into working for them. When the final shoot-out begins, Sam faces the ultimate test of her skills, and must get her own daughter back alive while keeping Serikov’s child safe from harm.

Based on the Sam Wylde novel SAFE FROM HARM, by RJ Bailey, published by Simon & Schuster."

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Screenwriters' bio:
Matti Laine is a prolific screenwriter, author and actor, who lives in Helsinki, Finland. He is one of the writers of the Netflix series Bordertown, and the head writer on the YLE/ MediaPro co-production Kosta /The Paradise. Matti is also a successful author and has nine well-received crime novels under his belt, including the Elias Vitikka Series.

Producer's bio
Mikko Tenhunen has a history of mixing box office hits & festival darlings. Feature films include Unknown Soldier, Helene, FC Venus, Body of Water, 2 Nights till Morning, and The Violin Player. The feature films produced have premiered at the festivals in Karlovy Vary, Shanghai, Beijing, Moscow, Tallinn, Montreal, and Göteborg and have sold over 2 million tickets in cinemas. An action TV series Omerta 6/12 was sold worldwide as well as the Tv-series version of The Unknown Soldier. Tenhunen was selected for the Producers On The Move 2015 and he is an EAVE graduate 2008.

Company profile:
MJÖLK Movies started in 2015 by producing award winning feature films and short films. Distractions by director Aleksi Salmenperä, had its world premiere in Tallinn International Film Festival, and 2 Nights till Morning by Mikko Kuparinen that won the best director award at the Montreal International Film Festival. They were followed by A drama set in the world of classical music, The Violin Player (2018), by Paavo Westerberg, premiered in main competition at the Göteborg International Film Festival and was selected to Moscow International Film Festival.
Several other feature length films and television series are in development including The Best Mothers and Daughters by Lenka Hellstedt, and feature films Year of The Hare and Someday Jennifer in development. Sam Wylde: Bodyguard is a six episode thriller series based on explosive novel series by RJ Bailey.

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Sam Wylde: Bodyguard
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Matti Laine
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Mikko Tenhunen
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