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Tamás is a young film director who has been invited to teach community filmmaking classes in a modest, up-and-coming Hungarian village. He arrives with a cameraman, and his girlfriend Chloé, who is a drama teacher. After overcoming a few initial setbacks, they throw themselves into rewarding and entertaining work with the local youth, and document it in a behind-the-scenes film. The feedback is positive from the mayor, a progressive, caring man.
A boy named Palika starts missing sessions, which worries the team, since he was the most enthusiastic participant. As they try to find out what happened to him, they discover the mayor uses physical violence to get his way, and that he lends money out of his shop at killer interest rates. The corrupt lending scheme is linked to Palika’s disappearance: he has been forced to work a job to pay his mother’s debt to the mayor.
Tamás, an outsider with a radically different set of values from the locals, starts his quest to expose the mayor.

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150000 €
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Gap-financing, Sales agents, Festivals
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Gábor Osváth
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