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Latvia, Lithuania
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Baltic German Alice von Trotta returns to her father’s manor in Latvia in 1919. During her stay she meets some local laborers who demonstrate hostility. Moreover, Alice discovers that she has been lured into a trap, organized by the demonic lawyer Emil Keyserling, a decadent organization VIVA LA MORT and its necrophile leader Sieba Falstaff. Together they plan to manipulate Alice, who has received good education in France but also has had her leg amputated. Keyserling and Falstaff have decided to use Alice’s intelligence and artistic nature to gain control over the country by means of art – silent movies. While trying to escape the clutches of her decadent “friends”, Alice meets Latvian cinema enthusiasts who have been working on their own silent film. Spending time in their company, she learns to edit films and starts to work on her own experimental film. She uses filmmaking as a tool for self-discovery and a weapon for confronting her enemies.

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Directors bio
Signe Birkova is a filmmaker from Riga and has studied Philosophy, Journalism and Film. Since then, she has directed short fiction films, experimental films, documentaries, TV programmes as well as analogue film performances. She makes experimental films using 16mm and Super 8 film material, and different animation techniques. Her short fiction film Upon Return I'll Be a Flaming Rose received a special FIPRESCI award in Latvia in 2014. Signe is a member of the Baltic Analog Lab artist collective.
“Ring Of Fire”,(feature documentary, 2021)- director
“Charmers” (documentary, 2019) – director, producer
“He was called Chaos Berzins”,(short, 25 min., 2018)- director “Dzenis touch”, (short, 12 min, 2017)- director
“The journey of Nikolass Flamel through staircases of Riga”, (short, 7 min, 2017) - director
“Cellular Obelisk” (expanded cinema Super 8 mm cinema perfromance”, Film festival” Process”, 25 min, 2017)

Producers bio
Dominiks Jarmakovics holds a degree in Audiovisual arts and MBA. Having different managerial experience in projects across the creative industry - festivals, music concerts, contemporary art events, dance performances, for the past 7 years he has focused on the compelling nature of audiovisual arts. Even though the first self-produced feature "Despair" (dir. Karlis Lesins, 2020) was released just recently, Dominiks work is associated with many projects, such as "Invisible" (dir. Ignas Jonynas, 2019), "Christmas in the Jungle'' (dir. Jaak Kilmi, 2020), "The Year Before the War'' (dir. Davis Simanis, 2021) and others, where he joined as Associate Producer, Co-Producer, Production Manager or Line Producer.

Producers 2 bio
Roberts Vinovskis is producer, director and founder of Studio Locomotive.

Studio Locomotive produces fiction, creative documentaries, and animation. Founded in 1995, it has become one of the fastest growing film studios in the Baltic Countries. Nearly all films produced and co-produced by Studio Locomotive have been premiered at the most influential international film festivals such as San Sebastian IFF, Karlovy Vary IFF, Moscow IFF, Warsaw IFF and others.

My Love Affair with Marriage / Signe Baumane / 2022 / Feature Animation The Sleeping Beast / Jaak Kilmi / 2022 / Feature Fiction
The Year Before the War / Dāvis Sīmanis / 2021 / Feature Fiction
Songs for a Fox / Kristijonas Vildžiūnas / 2021 / Feature Fiction Christmas in the Jungle / Jaak Kilmi / 2020 / Feature Fiction"

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Signe Birkova
Signe Birkova
Dominiks Jarmakovičs, Roberts Viniovskis