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Infinite Summer

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While spending the summer together at a beach house, Grete, Sarah and Mia meet a guy who calls himself Dr. Mindfulness and sells his own meditation app. Although Dr. Mindfulness speaks and performs like a complete charlatan, his app and devices deliver surprisingly a mind-bending experience.

Detectives Jack (Interpol) and Katrin (local police) arrive on the scene to confirm that Dr. Mindfulness is a fraud and bigger, darker forces are behind the app. It is somehow connected to the operating system of the Tallinn Zoo run by AI that can turn a human body into something between pollen and cosmic dust. The detectives race desperately to solve the case, not knowing whether they are trying to stop a cybercrime or prevent a large scale biological weapons attack.

Mia searches for Grete and Sarah to see what has become of her old friend, only to grapple with the choice to save them (from what) or join them (for what). It’s been a long summer and it may just go on forever.

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Directors bio
Based in Tallinn since 2017, Miguel Llansó studied philosophy and cinema before leaving on his many adventures. A big fan of experimental-punk-weird music and films, his international recognition came when he started filming in Ethiopia.

Sundance, Rotterdam, Locarno, Hamburg, Milano, Buenos Aires, Brussels, Tampere, Rio de Janeiro, Odense and many other film festivals have shown selections of his works.

His films have received positive reviews from Variety, Screen Anarchy, the New York Times, Hollywood Reporter and Filmmaker Magazine, among others.

Producers bio
Tõnu Hiielaid is a co-founder and producer of Tallifornia - indie production company focusing exclusively on author-driven narrative features. Tallifornia’s first production „Chasing Unicorns“ (2019, Black Nights FF) became a box-office hit in Estonia. „Kratt“, directed by Rasmus Merivoo, (2020) has been well received internationally (Fantasia, BIFAN, Cottbus FF, Leeds IFF). His third production „Tree of Eternal Love“, directed by Meel Paliale, premiered at Just Film FF 2021. Currently Tallifornia has 5 other feature films at different stages of production.

Original title
Infinite Summer
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Miguel Llanso
Miguel Llanso
Tõnu Hiielaid
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Tõnu Hiielaid
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