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A black comedy about Hilchick Prishkolnik, an Israeli Holocaust survivor who didn’t go through any tragedy in the Holocaust. His other survivor's friends, who went through the camps, receive much more recognition and respect than he does. And so, he decides to build a monument for those who "ran away on time". Because no Israeli institution is willing to finance it, he finds himself back in his small hometown in Europe. There, the mayor is willing to help and build the monument as long as Hilchick poses as a real survivor. Hilchick takes his offer, uses his survivors friends stories and becomes the town's hero. Everything goes swimmingly until his wife arrives. Now Hilchick has to decide whether to come back to reality or keep living his dream.

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Director's statement:
The film sheds light over a pain that hasn’t been seen before in the realm of the holocaust survivors- the jealousy between survivors. Who suffered more? Who’s the greater victim? This is a new angle and the beauty of it is the simple human nature behind it. Even though the people surrounding Hilchick have suffered unimaginably in the holocaust, the support and appreciations they receive makes Hilchick feel left out and forgotten. The tone of the film is carried by Hilchick's point of view of the world around him. Hilchick feels like he is an outcast. A fish out of water. For me the goal of the film is to experience the world through Hilchick’s eyes. Through the cinematic expression I thrive to walk alongside Hilchick, and discover a unique person. To be moved, and mainly, to laugh as he becomes a hero in his own terms.

Production statement:
We believe greatly in the film; we think the unique and comic way of the script brings a fresh new angle to the Holocaust and will help to bring a younger audience to the cinema and bring another POV to the story.

Production company profile:
MoviePlus Productions is an independent production company established by David Mandil based in Israel, specializing in full length feature films, drama series and documentaries. Over the years, the company has produced more than 25 full-length feature films. The company’s films include: Footnote and Beaufort that were nominated for Best Foreign Picture at the Oscars; A Tale of Love and Darkness, Natalie Portman’s directorial debut; Norman by Joseph Cedar, starring Richard Gere, Steve Buscemi and Charlotte Gainsbourg; and many other productions.MoviePlus has also produced various drama series that were sold and broadcast worldwide, including Miguel (AppleTV, Canal+), two seasons of VIP (FX), Deus, Jerusalem Brew and more. Recently, MoviePlus produced the drama series Our Boys for HBO.

Coproduction countries we are interested in: Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Belarus, Romania

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