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Italy Goes Baltic


Italian, English
Fantasy, Drama

Hans is a failed writer, 53 years old, on the verge of suicide, who has given up on writing and, after a series of interviews, finds a job in an insurance agency and also helps part-time a friend for social services. One day, while sorting through the things of his recently deceased mother, he discovers he is a distant descendent of Hans Christian Andersen. From that day forward his assiduous reading and constant research revive in him his lost imagination and the possibility of returning to his writings. Life begins to present him with real people who strangely seem to have stepped out of the pages of his great-grandfather and who, even more than before, claim their right to life. A refugee called Sirenetto/Merman, a little girl from the Roma community who sells drugs and matches, a legless soldier recently returned from Syria, a Trans-gender friend, a dancer from the TV who wears red shoes and wants to be famous, a young extremist from the Black Bloc...From each encounter, some violent, some not, but all challengingly difficult, at one point Hans begins to think they are figments of his imagination but each one opens his eyes to a different reality and enables him to go ahead with his ‘rebirth’ as a man and as a writer. The stories and the characters merge and when, eventually, Hans gets over his personal crisis he believes he is unable to find any of them. It is as if they have returned to the pages of Andersen’s stories or to the new ones that Hans has written. But life will respond differently.

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Emanuela Ponzano
Emanuela Ponzano
Marco Caberlotto
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Kublai Film
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Marco Caberlotto
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Screenwriter, Director
Emanuela Ponzano

Born in Brussels, Emanuela is an actress and director in both Cinema and Theatre. She divides her time working mainly between Rome, Paris and Brussels.

Production Company
Kublai Film

Kublai Film is active in producing art documentaries, with important festival recognitions, as well as from the public and from broadcasters. Now, we are mature enough to start producing feature films, on a wise path to larger projects.

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