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Gray Divorce


After finally retiring from their family company at the end of their sixties, Angelina and Zoran realise that they have radically different ideas on how they should spend the rest of their lives.
When there's no more work or family to take care of, what is left of them?


Angelina and Zoran Kovach live a comfortable upper-middle-class life. In their late sixties, running a successful real estate business. Finally fed up with their control-freaking, their daughter Sofija throws them a retirement party. At first horrified, Angelina and Zoran agree: it’s time for retirement.
The previously outgoing and adventurous Zoran sees retirement as peace. Relaxation. Boredom. A country house. A little vegetable garden. Walks through the countryside. And every year, the same Mediterranean cruise.
The previously unassuming and quiet Angelina imagined retirement as adventure. Travel. Food. Skiing. Rollercoasters. Seeing places she didn’t have time to see. Having experiences she always longed for, but never could.
Angelina and Zoran desperately search for a solution that will work for both of them. Because they're only sure of one thing: they love each other. Or is it just a habit that kept them together?

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Screenwriter’s bio
Born in 1985 in Belgrade, Lea has 12 years experience of working in advertising, which she has recently decided to expand upon by delving into the world of screenwriting.

As part of Masters programme TV Series – Creative process, under the mentorship of Dragan Bjelogrlić and Vuk Ršumović, she developed the miniseries Good Intentions.

Producer’s bio
Ivan Knežević was born 1984 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Works as a screenwriter, editor and producer.
Graduate of the 2017/2018 SerialEyes program at the dffb in Berlin. Finalist of the 2020 Netflix + Imagine Impact pitch competition.
Has projects in development with HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, UFA Fiction, Odeon Fiction GmbH and Firefly Productions.

Original title
Gray Divorce
1900000 €
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Lea Stanković, Ivan Knežević
Ivan Knežević
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Ivan Knežević
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