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Free money

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Free Money” tells three loosely interconnected stories about money, crypto and the investment culture of the last few years when investing has become a form of entertainment and every taxi driver is trading in stocks and coins.

It’s an ensemble movie that follows three men — a brash crypto entrepreneur (Miklós Bányai), a straightforward programmer (Märt Pius) and a conservative banker (Ivo Uukkivi) — and their relationship with money.

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Directors Bio
Rain Rannu is an Estonian film director, producer and tech investor. Rain has written and directed a road-movie „Chasing Ponies“ (2016), a narrative virtual reality short “ Beqaa VR “ (2018) and critically acclaimed start-up comedy “Chasing Unicorns” (Black Nights FF, 2019). His third feature, a sci-fi adventure “Child Machine”, will premiere at Just Film 2022.

Producers bio
Tõnu Hiielaid is a co-founder and producer of Tallifornia - indie production company focusing exclusively on author-driven narrative features. Tallifornia’s first production „Chasing Unicorns“ (2019, Black Nights FF) became a box-office hit in Estonia. „Kratt“, directed by Rasmus Merivoo, (2020) has been well received internationally (Fantasia, BIFAN, Cottbus FF, Leeds IFF). His third production „Tree of Eternal Love“, directed by Meel Paliale, premiered at Just Film FF 2021. Currently Tallifornia has 5 other feature films at different stages of production.

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Free money
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300000 €
Rain Rannu
Rain Rannu
Tõnu Hiielaid, Rain Rannu
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Tõnu Hiielaid
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