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Dog of God

Latvian, Swedish, Latvian

17th-century Swedish Livonia. The Livonian Christian relic is stolen from the church. Priest BUCKHOLZ, 54 accuses a young woman - NEZE, 24 of being a witch as he saw her in his dream the previous night. During the day trial is held, but during the night BUCKHOLZ tortures NEZE to get a confession. When NEZE’s death seems imminent by burning at stake, she decides to go along – and plays the game of being a witch. She shouts out loud for the help of the werewolves. An elderly man named THIESS, 82, enters the trial stating he knows where the Christian relic is - it is located deep down in hell. THIESS claims that he is a werewolf – A DOG OF GOD – and is the only one who can venture down to the underworld and bring the sacred relic back. The story is based on true events and an actual werewolf trial.

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Directors bio
Brothers Lauris Abele and Raitis Abele are Latvian filmmakers. Lauris obtained a Master's degree in Audio-Visual Arts (film directing) at the Latvian Academy of Culture
Raitis Abele is a Ph.D. psychology student but studied film art at New York Film Academy. Mostly they work together with their third brother Marcis Abele (director of photography) on films, shorts, music videos, and various surrealistic art projects. Their first international success came when the short film “Castratus the Boar” won Grand Prix at Tampere Short Film Festival in 2015. After that brothers co-directed the docudrama ‘Baltic Tribes | Last pagans of Europe’ and their first feature film ‘Troubled Minds'. Apart from that they play and compose music in two rock and post-metal bands - Soundarcade and Sonntags Legion.

Producion company bio
Tritone Studio was started in 2009 as a boutique artist’s collective but soon was joined by other creative and responsible minds joined. Visual experiments with music videos and a couple of successful shorts eventually led to producing feature films and co-producing internationally. Studio’s most recent feature films are the docudrama ‘Baltic Tribes | Last Pagans of Europe’, 2018 a feature film ‘Troubled Minds’ 2021 co-directed by Lauris Abele and Raitis Abele, and the film ‘Revolution’, 2022 directed by Mārcis Lācis.

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Dieva suns
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Kristele Pudane
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