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Oleg tries to live an ordinary life after retiring from the exile camp. He hardly finds work but quickly finds friends among former political prisoners and dissidents, attends secret meetings, and engages in self-publishing. He also meets a prominent Ukrainian writer. He shows interest in him and soon secretly confesses that he wants to risk and write a novel about the UPA and then publish it in the West, where he will run. The writer appeared to be a recruited KGB agent. Since being young, Oleg again believed in the possibility of victory for first time. It is stoking up by the events in the West, the Prague spring, and even the smoldering cold war, which may well end with the defeat of the USSR. Oleg’s wife tries to warn him about dangerous connections with dissidents and not get arrested again when the Soviets crushed the Prague Spring, and Oleg’s friends are arrested. Having lost faith in the struggle, he decides to make the last protest of his life.

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Director's note: We are talking with the audience about what’s happening with a person with this “fire for the fight” inside. We know countless examples of heroes with burning hearts and a desire for freedom. But what happens when the huge machine of the system turns out to be stronger, and that same internal fire begins to burn you from the inside?
This story is about a person who cannot find his place in a new reality. Where his world has been lost and in times when the values and methods are changing and the very essence of the struggle for freedom and ideals. The main character lives in a country in a world that contradicts his whole being. He doesn’t accept this reality. It seems artificial, invented—this inner feeling of the hero we will show in the film using fantastic allegorical images. The environment of key characters in the main scenes must characterize the corresponding hero. Lighting and art departments should also emphasize this concept.

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