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The film "Diagnosis: Dissident" takes the viewer back to the precious century. Its topic, raised for the first time in feature films, opens one of the most shameful and terrifyng pages in the history of the USSR - the so-called "punitive psychiatry" used by the KGB in the fight against political and religious dissidents. The film's protagonist is a young man who wants to feel free in his country - free to listen to rock music or wear long hair. However, his longing for freedom comes up against the cruelty of the system in a country where the KGB uses the most shameful methods to control people like him.

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Director's note: For the filming of Denys Tarasov's debut film "Desident Diagnosis", a script was written based on real historical events that were carefully hidden by the totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union. Many countries with a totalitarian regime now regularly face the problem of oppressing the opposition.
While working on the film, we consulted not only with scientists, but also with real political prisoners - dissidents, some of whom were forced to flee their homeland. The film "Dissident Diagnosis" is special because it exposes the horrors of penal medicine and also tells about people's thirst for freedom.

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