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Dark Paradise

Estonia, France
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A poignant tale about Millennials follows 27-year-old woman called Karmen. She discovers that her recently buried father was actually wallowing in debt and her whole life has been one big lie. When Karmen’s life starts to collapse, she takes out her feelings on her brother Viktor by disfiguring his face. At the centre of the film is a hedonistic lifestyle and the nihilistic search for love and intimacy.

Directors note

Triin Ruumet is one of the most interesting new generation directors in Estonia. A diverse, unconventional, and fearless director, her strength lies in her personal and somewhat irreverent approach to her subject matter. Her student films participated and were lauded at dozens of festivals. Triin Ruumet’s 2016 debut The Days that Confused was a success with almost 63 000 domestic admissions and several film awards in Estonia and internationally.

Production company and producer:
Three Brothers is a boutique company created to make international audiovisual works that in their form and content express bold authors’ handwriting. Directors include critically acclaimed Martti Helde, bold and brave Triin Ruumet, as well as up and coming Rebeka Rummel. Their films have premiered in A-list festivals, received Europa Cinemas Label Award, FIPRESCI & Audience Awards.

Original title
Tume paradiis
1500000 €
1360000 €
Looking for
post-production funds, gap financing, sales agent, distributors, festivals, streamers
Episode duration
Triin Ruumet
Triin Ruumet, Andris Feldmanis, Livia Ulman
Rea Lest, Jörgen Liik
Elina Litvinova
Erik Põllumaa
Three Brothers, Chevaldextrois
Contact name
Elina Litvinova
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Paljassaare tee 1, 10313 Tallinn, Estonia
Andris Feldmanis
Andris Feldmanis

Andris Feldmanis is a screenwriter living and working in Tallinn. He usually write with his partner Livia Ulman. Their first full-length feature film as screenwriters was *Pretenders* (2016) directed by Vallo Toomla which premiered at the San Sebastian film festival and won the award for the best screenplay at Estonian Film and Television Awards. In addition to films, TV-series, and short stories, Andris written a novel *The Last Thousand Years*, which won the Betti Alver award for best debut novel. He is also a screenwriting lecturer at Tallinn University.