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Certainly the End of Something

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Matylda, a tough girl from Warsaw’s toughest neighbourhood, kidnaps a man associated with the gentrification mafia that is destroying her city and family. Acting without a plan, though under the watchful eye of her best friend Sylwia, a nurse and mother of three, Matylda tries to make her captives feel the pain they caused their victims. But she's confronted by Piotr, a young man from a well-off family, who's fallen in love with her and who just so happens to be the owner of the bar where Matylda and Sylwia are keeping their hostage. Matylda and Piotr have rival views about human nature. He believes that empathy can be instilled with the right approach. Matylda believes that people, especially the bad ones, will never change. As they try to prove each other wrong, they end up kicking the asses of wannabe aristocrats as well as free-market fundamentalists, making the world just a little bit better...

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Director's note:
My desire is to tell a highly nuanced tale of revenge that plays with the genre by studying the mechanics of what such an act would entail. How do you get someone to change or raise their empathy level? Is it even possible? Matilda is a heroine (or an anti-heroine, if you will) fit for our age—a time of rampant inequality but also of growing awareness of its terrible consequences, and a huge desire to do something about it. This will be a film that does justice to the Gen Zers, which are sick and tired of the old ways of running the world and of change never materialising. he story is set in Warsaw, but with real estate being the safest investment in today's volatile market, it could take place in any other metropolis. The gentrifiers have no shame as they tear away the soul of the city, leaving swathes of land inhabited only by the ultra wealthy. This will be a wild ride of a film that will mix a certain comic-book sensitivity with serious subject matter.

Production note:
Our ambition with this project is to make a film that brings up crucial problems and provokes a wider discussion in society. Certainly the end of something is a coming of age story, a story about friendship, loyalty, and the strength of local communities.
We believe that this seemingly local story will touch universal themes and appeal to audiences in all parts of the globe. And once combined with Michał's distinct visual style, along with his knack for capturing the zeitgeist and vernacular of this brave new generation, we're sure that we'll have a film that will linger in the audience's minds for days after the screening is over.
This will be a socially engaged film, but due to its unique tone and style it will have a chance to reach a wider group of viewers. Good references for this kind of an approach are: Parasite, La Haine, Fight Club.

Production company profile:
Match&Spark is a talent management, production and packaging company actively involved in audiovisual projects beginning in early development, focusing on bringing Central and Eastern European creativity to global audiences. Recent credits include the documentary Who Will Write Our History (dir. Roberta Grossman), co-produced with Nancy Spielberg. In addition to Marczak’s next feature, Match&Spark producers are working on the feature The Great Match (dir. Filip Syczyński) in preproduction, and the documentary Support (dir. Adam Roszkowski) in postproduction.

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To zapewne jakiś koniec
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