Budget Airline

Latvia, Canada
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Richard Pinus, a naive yet ambitious dreamer on the wrong
side of 35, has zero aviation or business training. But
that won’t stop him from buying a bankrupt airline in an
online auction in one last bid to put his life on the
fast-track and maybe even revolutionizing the next
generation of budget flying.
Richard’s lofty ambitions put
him in constant conflict with a team who couldn’t care
less. He’s passionate about providing a high-end
experience for his passengers but almost always
overshoots the airline’s financial and professional
capabilities. While Richard believes in free luggage,
ample legroom and bottomless snacks, business is
Richard seems to be the least likely guy for the job, but
his passion and courage to follow his dreams ultimately
proves contagious and slowly he wins people over. Sure,
he can’t tell the difference between turnover and revenue
and it is way more exciting to sample cured meats for
their ham & cheese Panini. But he’s learning, okay?

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Zane MacDonald is a Latvian filmmaker, residing in Riga, Latvia. In 2011 she graduated with a BA in Media fromTallinn University's Baltic Film and Media School (Estonia)
and in 2014 she earned an MA in Screenwriting from Edinburgh Napier University, Screen Academy Scotland (UK). For over a decade she has worked on international films,
commercials and music videos as a producer and production manager. She is a firm believer in the power of good storytelling and she is always open to new creative
collaborations. Currently Zane is focusing on Budget Airline series development together with writer/director Christian MacDonald. And she’s got a few other pitches up her sleeve.
Email her. No, but really.

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Budget Airline
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Strangefolk Films
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