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Black Velvet

Latvia, Lithuania
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Marta, once an emerging film director, is now in her 30s and given up on her film dreams. She spends her days working at a job she hates, taking care of her chronically ill cat, fighting with her stoner boyfriend and lying to friends that she will "soon" start working on her new script. While trying to handle her functional depression, Marta keeps dreaming about making films, drawn to the healing power of storytelling, but not having the courage to act on these dreams. Through the course of this dark comedy Marta learns there is an unavoidable question that at some point every filmmaker needs to answer: if you really want to direct films, can you first direct yourself out of depression?

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Directors bio
Liene Linde (1986) is a Latvian film director, screenwriter, essayist, film critic and educator. Received Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Film Directing from the Latvian Academy of Culture. Her short films "Fake Me A Happy New Year" (2012) and "Seven Awkward Sex Scenes" (2016) earned international acclaim and were awarded Latvian National Film Award "Lielais Kristaps". In 2020, her debut documentary feature "Mothers and Others" came out (co-directed with Armands Začs) that received "Lielais Kristaps" for the Best Documentary Directing. Linde is currently working on her fiction feature "The Golden Spot" among other projects. She is also an active essayist and film critic and is also teaching film directing and analysis at the National Film School of the Latvian Academy of Culture.

Producers bio
Since 1995 Guntis Trekteris has produced and co-produced over 15 fiction and more than 30 documentaries. The recent selected titles include the local box office hit City on the River by Viestur Kairish, animated documentary My Favorite War by Ilze Burkovska-Jakobsen – the winner of Annecy Contrechamp award in 2020, as well as documentaries D is for Division by Davis Simanis, Rodnye - Close Relations by Vitaly Mansky and Beyond the Fear by late Herz Frank and Maria Kravchenko. Most of the films have been made in co-production with other countries as well as distributed widely all over the world.

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Liene Linde
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