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Anna LOL

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Anna – 19 years old girl, still in school, has just lost a close friend, her first real romantic experience. After this loss she undergoes of her own depressive and suicidal thoughts to the point where she loses any touch with reality. And, when her mother leaves, Anna is kicked out of home by her emotionally abusive father. Being so much alienated from people around Anna gets into a lot of trouble – raping, overdose of friends and problems with drag sellers, drowning in her fantasies about death and memories of happier days, trying to deal with own sexuality, hate all people and becoming apathetic to her own life. It leads her to try suicide by herself. She fails just by luck. After talks with psychotherapist seems, everything coms to good end, but is it so?

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Directors bio
Ivars Tontegode is widely known for his urge to experiment and depict the inner struggle and evolution of strong personalities in a highly creative and modern manner. Based on the awarded short he directed a full-length feature THE MUSHROOMERS (2013, Best Director, Audience Award in Warsaw IFF). In 2017 he finished his full-length documentary “Knutifiction”.

Producers bio
The Mojo Raiser Production was established by producer Guna Stahovska at the end of 2011. She had graduate Latvian University (Master of Economics) and Culture Academy of Latvia (film critics), before establishing own company worked as development producer since 2004 on different projects as: Defenders of Riga (2007) and Rudolf’s Gold (2010), producer of director’s Rolands Kalnins feature film Bitter Wine (2007) in Platforma; producer of Egils Mednis’ short Maschinima animation The Ship (Svešas Tehnoloģijas, 2006); producer of director’s Roberts Rubins documentary How Are You Doing, Rudolf Ming? (2010, Juris Podnieks Studio). Films produced under Mojo Raiser: The Lesson (2014, dir Andris Gauja, co-producer), Knutifiction, documentary (2017, dir Ivars Tontegode, producer), Jesus Showes You the Way to the Highway (2019, dir. Miguel Llanso, co-producer).

Producion company bio
The Mojo Raiser Production was established by producer Guna Stahovska in end of 2011. The main activities – film and TV project development and production, development of stories, co-production. Under this label were produced: THE LESSON (2014), director Andris Gauja, Riverbed, co-producer; KNUTIFICTION (2017), director Ivars Tontegode; JESUS SHOWES YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY (2019), director Miguel Llanso, Lanzadera Films, co-producer.

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Anna LOL
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