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Marzia  dal Fabbro
Marzia dal Fabbro

Marzia is the international and market rep for AGICI, the Italian Independent Production Guild, an association gathering over 120 production companies, distributions and technical industries. Over the past 5 years Marzia has co-ordinated AGICI’s market and pitching activities supporting and helping develop dozens of successful audiovisual projects (including Extra Vergine - series for SKY; Malarazza - theatrical release; the animation serie East End and the animation movie “Trash"). Marzia is also managing director of Sound Art 23, one of the leading post-production facilities in Italy and works as a script adaptor and dubbing director on high-end international projects (latest credits include Persian Lessions; Deux; Antigone; Sit Transit Gloria Mundi, etc). As a producer, she has worked on the short films "Erminio Binto", financed by Lazio Innova and "The Milk of Human Kindness" and co-produced Vittorio Moroni’s “Se chiudo gli occhi non sono più qui” with Rai Cinema. She is currently developing a co-production with Nigeria and co-producing an action thriller (Italy - Scotland).