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Italian Independent Producers (AGICI) and Cineuropa present - Italian for Advanced Users: Co-production opportunities with Italy

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Italy’s regional funds and tax incentives can be a valuable resources to producers looking to complete or even start off their budgets. Through two case studies and four co-productions projects the panel will illustrate a wide range of opportunities for international co-operation, particularly between Italy and countries in Eastern Europe (including the Balkans, Poland, the Baltic countries). Luciano Sovena, the president of Italy’s largest Regional Fund for international co-productions (CineLazio International) will illustrate the fund’s tools and procedures.

Luciano Sovena - Lazio Cinema International
Case Study 1: “Sole” - KINO Produzioni, Giovanni Pompili. Co-producing with Poland
Case study 2: Despite the Fog by Goran Paksljievic ( Italy/Serbia/North Macedonia/France), Andromeda Galaxy by More Raça ( Kosovo/France/North Macedonia/Italy), Negative Numbers by Uta Beria ( Georgia/France/Italy). Producer: Simona Banchi.

Followed by a Q&A
Speakers: Luciano Sovena, Simona Banchi, Giovanni Pompili
Moderator Marzia dal Fabbro

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