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Fighting Corona pt 2: How to Use Audience Data Correctly For Film Marketing?

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Cinema capacity will be limited to 50% or less for the foreseeable future. Despite these tough times audience data owned by cinemas and VoD platforms has the potential to help distribution sell more tickets and streams. The best data historically belongs to cinemas and VOD platforms, and they are often unwilling to share it. How can this opportunity be exploited?

The session by Gruvi’s Vice President Asia Pacific & Central Europe - Nguyet Robbins is a follow up to a similarly titled and hugely popular workshop from this year’s Cannes Marche Du Film. Focusing at producers, the workshop presents case studies that highlight the value & importance of targeting audiences by their behavior rather than their interests. The lecture will also reveal how to own & exploit your own audience data to improve the engagement of your campaigns by 3 to 5 x.

Your time is valuable but so is the information in this Session. Taking part will put you ahead of the curve and give you knowledge many of your rivals lack such as the ability to measure your campaign performance and predict Box office sales results before the premier date.

Join Nguyet and the moderator Sten Saluveer (Storytek, Future Media Hubs) on Tuesday, 24 November, 9.30 CET / 10.30 Tallinn time to get a hands on peek into the latest development of cutting edge film marketing and beyond.

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