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European Film Forum Tallinn

European Film Forum Tallinn: Readiness for Industry Renaissance 2.0

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Nordic Hotel Forum, Capella

European Film Forum Tallinn 2021: Readiness for Industry Renaissance 2.0

Europe's audiovisual, content and tech industries are standing at crossroads. On the surface, it's a time of radical change and realignment. Long into 2021 industry still seems to cope with the effects of the COVID19 pandemic and the crashing of the indie value chain.

On the other hand, as paradoxical it seems, the industry is heading towards unprecedented abundance. New injections of recovery funds and innovation-driven funding, dedicated cashflow support, coupled with excitement in the box office, as well as the maturation of sector-focused innovations and booming streaming - Europe could be heading into the industry renaissance 2.0. The only limit seems to be understanding the audiences, markets, and shifts - and taking bold strategic decisions.

Amidst these fundamental processes, the Creative Europe MEDIA program is evolving as the primary supporter of the European audiovisual industry. The combination of structural changes in the industry and the new terms Creative Europe MEDIA marks the arrival of a new era of opportunities for European storytellers and audiovisual industry entrepreneurs.

The European Film Forum, as a debate and discussion platform on the future evolution of the European audiovisual and content industry, will return to Nordic Hotel Forum on November 22, 2021. EFFT21 will be a half a day executive level hybrid summit of C-level debates, case studies, and showcases on the most pressing topics for the European film, television, and content industry.

Get to know the latest on how to implement strategic foresight with the help of Artificial Intelligence and develop organisational data capacity in the audiovisual and content business. Learn the newest giant leaps in European virtual production and extended reality and experience cutting-edge case studies in production. Meet the hottest founders and startups in European media and film tech.

The European Film Forum is organised by the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and Industry Tallinn by the mandate of the European Commission.

#EFFT21 is curated by Sten-Kristian Saluveer, award-winning strategist and venture builder, CEO @ Storytek Innovation & Venture Studio, and Head of NEXT @ Marche Du Film - Festival de Cannes.


22 November 15.00-19.00 (EET)

15.00 - 15.10 Day Introduction and kickoff by day moderators Sten-Kristian Saluveer, EFFT Curator, CEO, Storytek Innovation & Venture Studio and AC Coppens, CEO, The Catalysts, Germany

15.10-15.15 Introduction by Minister of Culture of Estonia Mr. Tiit Terik, Minister of Culture, Estonia

15.15-15.25 Setting the Stage by the European Commission by Lucia Recalde, Head of Unit, Creative Europe MEDIA, DG Connect, European Commission, Belgium/Spain

15.25-15.50 Session 1: How venture capital can innovate the European film financing landscape? Launch of the new film fund "Tallifornia". + Q&A

With public film funds under pressure in the COVID19 economic downturn, filmmakers are increasingly looking for private financing to keep their productions going. Rain Rannu is an internationally acclaimed venture capital investor, a film director and producer at “Tallifornia” production company, and most recently the CEO of a full venture capital-backed European film fund. The session will discuss the reasons and goals of the fresh fund and mission and goals to back European filmmakers.

Rain Rannu, Investor@Tallifornia, Estonia - onsite

15.50-16.10 How achieve monetizability and sustainability for festivals and hybrid events? Case Study: Votemo

With festivals and industry platforms forced to hybrid production for the foreseeable future, the critical question for festival and market managers becomes how to monetize and reach sustainability in this new reality. Votemo is a cutting edge audience engagement platform that helps festivals, markets, and hybrid events to engage and monetize their audiences taking the quality of the productions to the next level, but also helping organizers to keep revenues in check.

Maarit Mäeveer, Co-Founder, Votemo, Estonia - onsite

16.10-16.30 Using Artificial Intelligence to supercharge film and content production. Case Study: Promomii

PromoMii’s revolutionary Nova A.I. is a proprietary video content Search & Creation platform, developed to introduce time and cost efficiencies for all content owners, users and creators. With Nova A.I., you can find anything in your content and archives at the click of a button and log 70% faster. Faces, words, objects, places. You name it - Nova finds it.

Michael Moss, CEO @ Promomii, Denmark/UK - onlin

16.30-17.20 From Data to decisions: How to build and grow data and AI-driven decision-making capacity in the European film business? Presentations +Q&A

In 2021 Europe sports a vibrant Artificial intelligence and data insights landscape with startups and mature business analytics firms helping to solve pressing questions also for the film and content industry from audience analytics to predicting the box office success of productions. Yet, the bottleneck often seems to be the management and implementation experience of AI and data-driven opportunities, rather than the lack of technology or industry-relevant solutions. The session brings together data and AI innovators, C-level innovation directors and film industry leaders & executives to explore what are the venues for the European industry to harness the power of Data and AI.

Dirk Hoffmann, CEO Founder@Dain Studios, formerly Director of Consumer Analytics @Nokia, Germany-Finland - onsite

Tobias Queisser, CEO@Cinelytic, Germany - onlien

Alexandra Lebret, Managing Director @European Producers Club, France - online

17.30-17.50 Optimizing (European) film production through innovation during COVID and beyond. Case Study: Willco

Willco is a software as a service platform for the whole film production team. With powerful tools helps manage contracts, movements, locations and events in a simple way but maintain total control. Starting as a in-house production tool, Willco is steadily becoming a new European powerhouse supporting major studio productions and independent features including “The Foundation”.

Asia Jarzyna, CoFounder@Willco, Spain - onsite

17.50-18.20 Untackling virtual and remote production: What's the impact for creators, producers, service providers and the industry?

Virtual production has taken the global production landscape by storm evolving in less than two years from high-end novelty to rapidly growing sector with major and independent facilities sprouting up all over Europe, even in lower production capacity countries.

The session will explore the state of VP across the industry from studio runners to VFX powerhouses and immersive producers to explore how the VP industry is maturing, what are the key opportunities unites and pain points, and how and in which capacity productions it can benefit.

Peeter Jalakas, Director and Producer / Acclaimed innovator @ Von Krahl / Estonian Film Cluster, Estonia - onsite

Mikko Kodisoja, Chief Operating Officer @ FireFrame Studios, formerly Co-Founder, Supercell, Finland - online

Max Pavlov, CEO @ Led Unit Studios, Latvia - onsite

18.20-18.50 What will Virtual Production bring to the Industry. Virtual Production Showcase & Fireside chat with Jannicke Mikkelsen - online

If Virtual Production erases the borders between the imaginable and previously unimaginable, then what types of creative venues but as well as practical production challenges utilizing VP will bring along. Internationally acclaimed Norwegian film tech pioneer, director of photography and explorer Jannicke Mikkelsen discusses her journey on embracing virtual production for independent film and the future of this technology for European storytellers.

Jannicke Mikkelsen, Cinematographer & Explorer, Norway - online

18.50- Day wrap by conference moderators

19.00 - ...End of European Film Forum 2021