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Creative Loan - An Affordable Loan for Those Who Create

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AS Finora Capital, in cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF) has launched a new loan product - the Creative Loan. The loan is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises active in the cultural and creative sectors. Examples include the audiovisual sector (films, TV shows, animated films, video games and multimedia), festival organization, music, literature, architecture, archives, libraries and museums, arts and crafts, cultural heritage, design, performing arts, publishing, radio, visual arts and many more.
The maximum loan amount is 250,000 euros and the loan period is up to 60 months. The loan interest rate is up to 1.33% per month (up to 16% per annum).
Finora Capital is a SME focused digital lender, licensed by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. Finora concluded a cooperation agreement with the EIF under which the EIF shall provide a guarantee for loans to the cultural and creative sectors. Finora has the mandate to offer Creative Loan to small and medium enterprises in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

Speakers: Andrus Alber, Helen Sildna
Moderated by Mihkel Raud