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BNS: What Casting Directors Can Do for Your Project, Securing Cast and How to Get the Right Actors for Your Project

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Panel discussion: What casting directors can do for your project, securing cast and how to get the right actors for your project with casting directors Magdalena Szwarcbart, Magdalena Swarzcbart ,Poland; Georg Georgi, Das Imperium / Gretel & Hensel, Germany; Nancy Bishop,  Nancy Bishop Casting; Kristina Kolyte, Editos Casting and Piotr Bartuszek, Piotr Bartuszek Casting ; director and writer Jonathan Kesselman (“The Hebrew Hammer”) and producer Ivo Felt, Allfilm, Estonia, The Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated „Tangerines“ (2013), The Golden Globe nominated  „The Fencer“ (2015) and „Seenelkäik“ (2012)
For producers and directors.

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