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BNS: Masterclass for Actors: What Makes a Good Casting? How Will We Work the Coming Time and What's to be Expected for Actors?

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Masterclass for actors: „What makes a good casting? How will we work the coming time and what to be expected for actors“ with casting agents Robin Hudson, Olivia Blell Management, UK; Raakel Huikuri,  Lisa Richards Agency / LR Nordic, Finland; Nancy Bishop,  Nancy Bishop Casting Czech Republic/US; Magdalena Szwarcbart,  Magdalena Swarzcbart, Poland; Piotr Bartuszek, Piotr Bartuszek Casting Poland; Kristina Kolyte Editos Casting, Lithuania;talent agent and casting director Georg Georgi Das Imperium / Gretel & Hensel. Q & A for the public

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