Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2020

Co-Production Market, held at Baltic Event since 2005, is the meeting-place for feature films in development looking for co-producers, financiers and sales agents. Around 15 projects are selected each year and over 300 pre-arranged meetings held with decision-makers who have made Tallinn their yearly stopover to look for new projects for their slates. While the market’s primary territory consists of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Georgia and Ukraine, projects from elsewhere, given that they have a link to the afore-mentioned region and are looking to put together a natural co-production, are welcome. Training on topics such as marketing and distribution in the international environment, multi-platform opportunities, and alternative financing methods is offered for project representatives.

BE Co-Production Market Selection 2020:

  1. 8 Views of Lake Biwa, written and directed by Marko Raat, produced by Ivo Felt, Dora Nedeczky, Allfilm, Estonia
  2. Aliya, written and directed by Dekel Berenson, produced by Marek Rozenbaum, Transfax Film Productions ltd., AR Content, Israel, Russia
  3. Apathy, written by Alexandros Avranas, Stavros Pamballis and directed by Alexandros Avranas, produced by Sylvie Pialat for Les films du Worso and Adeline Fontan Tessaur for Elle Drive
  4. Class A, written by Cara Loftus, directed by Brian Durnin, produced by Laura McNicholas, 925 Productions, Ireland
  5. Cold as Marble, written by Roelof-Jan Minneboo, directed by Asif Rustamov, produced by Guillaume de Seille, Arizona Productions, Azerbaijan, France
  6. Dogborn, written and directed by Isabella Carbonell, produced by David Herdies, Farima Karimi, Erik Andersson, Momento Film, Sweden
  7. Electric Sleep, written and directed by Zeynep Dadak, produced by Titus Kreyenberg, Unafilm, Germany
  8. Kevlar Soul, written by Pelle Rådström, directed by Maria Eriksson-Hecht, produced by Ronny Fritsche, Zentropa Sweden, Sweden
  9. Maria’s Silence, written and directed by Dāvis Sīmanis, produced by Gints Grūbe, Mistrus Media, Latvia
  10. Milk Teeth, written and directed by Mihai Mincan, produced by Ioana Lascar, Radu Stancu, deFilm, Romania
  11. Ninja from Manila, written and directed by Miko Livelo, produced by Alemberg Ang, vy/ac Productions, Philippines
  12. Soldier, written and directed by Toni Kamula, produced by Oskari Huttu, Lucy Loves Drama, Finland
  13. Tasty, written and directed by Egle Vertelyte, cowritten by Irena Kuneviciute, produced by Lukas Trimonis, Inscript, Lithuania
  14. Us, 15, written by Anna Buryachkova, Marina Stepanska, directed by Anna Buryachkova, produced by Natalia Libet, Vitaliy Sheremetiev, DGTL RLGN, Ukraine
  15. Untitled Julian Jarrold Love Story, directed by Julian Jarrold, produced by Merlin Merton, Marie Gade Denessen, Paradox House, Zentropa Entertainments, United Kingdom

Russia in Focus:

  1. At the End of the World, written by Semyon Ermolaev, directed by Eduard Novikov, produced by Sardana Savvina, Sardaana Films, Russia
  2. The Beilis Case, written by Yuri Arabov, directed by Andrey Proshkin, produced by Alexander Vaynsheyn, Archil Gelovani and Marina Naumova, Garpastum Pictures, Russia (EAVE On Demand in Russia)
  3. The Land Named Sasha, written and directed by Yulia Trofimova, produced by Katerina Mikhaylova, Vega Film, Russia (EAVE On Demand in Russia)
  4. The Summer Ends Soon, written and directed by Yana Skopina, produced by Tamara Bogdanova, Yerkezhan Maksut, Anna Katchko, Kinokult, Russia, Kazakhstan
  5. White Road, written and directed by Ella Manzheeva, produced by Elena Glikman, Victoria Lupik, Telesto Film, Anniko Films, Russia

The Eurimages Jury for BE Co-Production Market 2020 consists of:

Elena Kotova, Eurimages representative, Czech Republic,

Renata Santoro, Head of Programming, Giornate Degli Autori, Italy,

Kaarle Aho, producer, Making Movies Oy, Finland.

BE Co-Production Market 2020 awards include:

BE Co-Production Market 2020 meetings will be held on November 25-26 via the platform b.square.


Co-Production Market one-to-one meetings. Photo: Johan Huimerind

Baltic Event Co-Production Market presenting the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award in the amount of 20 000 Euros, has introduced a grand total of 210 projects since its launch and is proud to announce that 90 of these projects have been completed and dozens are still in various stages of development or production. Over the years, the projects have enjoyed notable success at international film festivals and the box office.


2019 Selection, Jury and Awards

19 projects was be presented at the Co-Production Market 2019 taking place between November 26-29 during the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event.

Best Project

Eurimages Co-Production Development Award

The award of 20 000 Euros was given to the best project based on its artistic quality and potential for theatrical release.

Winner: The Great Match by Filip Syczynski, Poland

Produced by Anna Rozalska and Aleksandra Aleksander, Match & Spark

Jury comment: The project convinced unanimously with the strong heartfelt motivation of the director who has a German and a Polish teenage refugee settling the scores of the recurrent European discussion about freedom on the tennis court.

Screen International Best Pitch Award (offering coverage of the life-cycle of the winning film)

Winner: The File by Jonas Karasek

Produced by Wanda Adamik Hrycova, Wandal Production, Slovakia

Cannes Marché du Film Producers’ Network Award (for Promising Young Producer with free accreditations to next year’s edition)

Winners: Carla Fotea, Romania and Andreas Kask, Estonia

The Eurimages Jury included Uljana Kim, Producer, Studio Uljana Kim, Lithuania, Simon Ofenloch, Commissioning Editor, ZDF ARTE, Germany, and Alex Traila, Consultant, National Representative of Eurimages, Romania.

The Best Pitch was awarded by Martin Blaney, Screen International, Germany.

Baltic Event Co-Production Market Official Selection 2019:

  1. Aria, directed by Noud Heerkens, produced by Joram Willink, Bind, The Netherlands
  2. Babydoll, directed by Elena Lanskih, produced by Natalia Drozd, CTB Film Company, Russia
  3. A Butterfly’s Heart, directed by Inesa Kurklietyte, produced by Zivile Gallego, Fralita Films, Lithuania
  4. Clara, directed by Sabin Dorohoi, produced by Daniel Burlac, Western Transylvania Studios, Romania
  5. The Conference, directed by Ivan I. Tverdovskiy, produced by Katerina Mikhaylova, Vega Film, Russia
  6. The Exchange, directed by Sergo Ustyan, produced by Tigran Hambardzumyan, Persona Grata Group, Armenia
  7. The File, directed by Jonas Karasek, produced by Wanda Adamik Hrycova, Wandal Production, Slovakia
  8. The Golden Spot, directed by Liene Linde, produced by Guntis Trekteris, Ego Media, Latvia
  9. The Good Driver, directed by Tonislav Hristov, produced by Kaarle Aho, Making Movies, Finland
  10. The Great Match, directed by Filip Syczynski, produced by Anna Rozalska, Match & Spark, Poland
  11. Horia, directed by Ana Maria Comanescu, produced by Ada Solomon, microFILM, Romania
  12. Never Enough White Roses, directed by Miika Soini, produced by Tiina Butter, Butterworks, Finland
  13. Reconstruction, directed by Evar Anvelt, produced by Andreas Kask, Nafta Films, Estonia
  14. The Seal Mother, directed by Agnieszka Trzos, produced by Roman Jarosz, Holly Pictures, Poland
  15. Sola, directed by Issa Serge Coelo, produced by Wilf Varvill, Fire Engine, Great Britain

Focus on Ireland:

  1. July Fly, directed by Stevie Russell, produced by Samantha Corr, Venom Films, Ireland
  2. The Sparrow, directed by Michael Kinirons, produced by Alicia Ní Ghráinne, Tiger Darling Productions, Ireland

Spotlight on Argentina:

  1. The Thaw, directed by Facundo Escudero Salinas, produced by Nicolás Münzel Camaño, Pensilvania Films, Argentina

Download the Project Catalogue.

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2018 Selection, Jury and Awards

Co-Production Market Awards 2018

15 projects were presented in the official selection of the Co-Production Market taking place on November 27-30, 2018, at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event during Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Best Project

Eurimages Co-Production Development Award

The award of 20 000 Euros is given to the best project based on its artistic quality and potential for theatrical release.

Winner: A Girl’s Room by Aino Suni, France/Finland

Producers: Sébastien Aubert, Ulla Simonen

Production companies: Adastra Films, MADE

Jury statement: The jury was impressed with the quality of the director’s previous short films. They appreciated the strong personal vision this promising young director has for her debut feature. The jury also noted the strong collaboration between the Finnish and French team since the project’s inception and furthermore they felt this exciting project has the potential to reach international audiences.

Cannes Marché du Film Producers’ Network Award (for Promising Young Producer with free accreditations to next year’s edition)

Winners: Marianne Ostrat, Alexandra Film, Vladimer Chikhradze, 20 Steps Production

Screen International Best Pitch Award (offering coverage of the life-cycle of the winning film)

Winner: The Oasis of Now by Ramy Hamezan, Finland

Producer: Jussi Rantamäki, Aamu Film Company

Jury statement: The filmmaking team clearly presented an engaging and original project that subverts the stereotype of the familiar refugee story. Through this unique perspective the film will give us back the true meaning of human warmth, friendships and family in today’s world.

Co-Production Market Jury:

Emma Scott, Production and Distribution Manager, Screen Ireland, Ireland;

Jeremy Zelnik, Head of Industry, Les Arcs Film Festival, France;

Giovanni Pompili, Producer, Kino Produzioni, Italy

2018 Co-Production Market selection:

  1. After Hours, written by Kristo Kaas and Mart Raun, directed by Priit Pääsuke, produced by Marianne Ostrat, Alexandra Film, Estonia
  2. Cartacrespa. written by Michele Codarin, Michele Cogo, Nicola Lucchi, Sara Olivieri, and Massimo Vavassori, directed by Michele Codarin, produced by Fabiana Balsamo, Quasar Multimedia, Italy
  3. Chemistry, written and directed by Adina Dulcu, produced by Tudor Giurgiu, Libra Film Productions, Romania
  4. Comrade Dona, written by Filip Columbeanu, directed by Igor Cobileanski, produced by Iuliana Tarnovetchi, Alien Film, Romania
  5. Erasing Frank, written and directed by Gabor Fabricius, produced by Gabor Ferenczy, FocusFox, Hungary
  6. A Girl’s Room, written and directed by Aino Suni, produced by Sébastien Aubert, Adastra Films, France
  7. Light Light Light, written by Juuli Niemi, directed by Inari Niemi, produced by Oskari Huttu, Lucy Loves Drama, Finland
  8. Lovable, written and directed by Stanislavs Tokalovs, produced by Alise Gelze, Tasse Film, Latvia
  9. The Oasis of Now, written by Hamy Ramezan and Antti Rautava, directed by Hamy Ramezan, produced by Jussi Rantamäki, Aamu Film Company, Finland
  10. Oxygen, written by Birute Kapustinskaite, directed by Ernestas Jankauskas, produced by Gabija Siurbyte, Dansu Films, Lithuania
  11. Patagonia, written and directed by Aga Zwiefka, produced by Izabela Igel, Harine FIlms, Poland
  12. Quake, written and directed by Tinna Hrafnsdóttir, produced by Hlín Jóhannesdóttir, Ursus Parvus, Iceland
  13. Wedding on My Street, written and directed by Shota Gamisonia, produced by Vladimer Chikhradze, LTD 20 Steps Productions, Georgia
  14. Youri, written by Bastiaan Tichler, directed by Sander Burger, produced by Denis Vaslin, Volya Films, Netherlands
  15. Zenith, written by Olga Reka and Igor Stekolenko, directed by Igor Stekolenko, produced by Natalia Libet, Digital Religion, Ukraine

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Rules and Regulations

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